WiTHiNTENT uses fabric from the tonnes of broken and damaged tents that are left behind at the end of music festivals, to create shower-proof clothing and accessories for the festival market. Each item is designed and made in the UK. 

On the back of the 2009 festival season I became aware of the environmental issue created by naughty festival goers who leave their tents behind when all the fun is over. Thousands of tents are left behind after many of the UK's larger music festivals creating a lot of landfill waste that the festival organisers are left to deal with. To try to help minimise this landfill waste I have created WiTHiNTENT. 

While we enjoy making lovely clothing from unloved tent fabric WiTHiNTENT does not offer an excuse to leave a tent behind at the end of any festival. The best way in which we can reduce waste is to tidy up after ourselves and reuse the items we own, please remember to pick up after yourself.